About Minty Season


Hello friends, welcome to Minty Season!
We are just a couple of journal lovers who are obsessed with Asian stationery, and we are eager to bring the best journal and stationery products to you.
Our mission is to provide you with a wide variety of products ranging from journal kits and stickers designed by us to handpicked top Japanese and Korean stationery, as well as Minty-exclusive products created by independent artists that we work with. 
As Asian stationery lovers living in the U.S., we know all too well how hard it is to shop for them and anxiously waiting for months for them to arrive, that is if they arrive at all. But no more worrying, because we are here to make everything super easy for you! We are based in North Carolina, U.S., and this is where everything is packaged and shipped from.
We have a fast processing time of only 1-3 business days under normal circumstances (with the exception of Subscription Pack/Box, for details please see the product page), so be prepared to receive your lovely goodies within just a few days after you order them! We also provide free shipping options for both domestic and international shipping, just to make things as simple as possible for you.
Our goal is to be your go-to online stationery shop. With this grand vision in mind, we will continue to improve our brand, and never stop trying our best to bring you the most awesome collection of top quality journal supplies and stationery. 
Minty Season 2020